Galahad and the Far-Off Horizon

Galahad and the Far-Off Horizon is a 130 page collection of five stories, set in a fantastical world of witches, golems, and magical creatures. The interconnected stories, written by Hansel Moreno, are each illustrated in a unique art style by Julian Adkins, Chan Chau, Devin Kraft, Maria Frantz, and Julie Godwin. The book also includes companion illustrations for each story by multiple artists. It’s fascinating to see the artists’ different interpretations of the characters. 

The Garden of Galahad (49 pages) is a story about love and dedication. Galahad, an enchanted suit of armor, carries out the wishes of its master until the young witch Brynne interrupts its peaceful routine. Over hills, by seasides and past the ruins of old castles, the pair embarks on the journey of a lifetime. This story introduces the world in which the rest are set: 

The Witches Laugh (8 pages) introduces us to a powerful coven. 

Broken Keep (14 pages) looks back at the early life of Galahad’s creator, Lance. 

Tougher Than The Hills (26 pages) uncovers a mistake Brynne made in her youth. 

When Magic Was Free (14 pages) details the tragic beginning of the series antagonist. 

The stories explore themes of friendship, responsibility, determination, and self-discovery amid the backdrop of a magical world and fantastic creatures. The anthology is a product of over two years of collaboration between the writer and artists. Galahad and the Far-Off Horizon is now live on Kickstarter and is expected to be available in summer 2017. 

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