Power Profiles

Power Profiles http://bit.ly/2pO7bwm is a 36-page, little larger than digest size, B&W with color covers, bio comic written and illustrated by Klon J. Waldrip. 

Power Profiles is interesting, funny, sad, and thoroughly entertaining! Klon has assembled more than 30 bio-graphix to fill this amazing zine, and with the turn of every page the reader is introduced to a different real-life character that lives (or lived) somewhere on the fringes of society! The folks represented in these pages range from Poison Ivy (of The Cramps) to Jack T. Chick (of Chick Tracts), and bunches of other people! Some I’d heard of, some I met for the first time in the pages of Power Profiles, but one thing is for sure, all of their brief stories held my attention and left me wanting more! 

Each brief bio is accompanied by a likeness of the subject as drawn by Klon. The drawings are detailed and raw with plenty of expression and life breathed into them through the intricate line work. The bios themselves are all handwritten, adding a very personal touch to this zine and giving Power Profiles a uniquely individual look that perfectly showcases the wonderful and peculiar personalities that fill the pages! 

If you dig the odd, the unusual, the little things that hide in the shadows just outside of the light of mainstream culture, then Power Profiles is for you! Get it at http://bit.ly/2pO7bwm and find more Power Profiles at http://bit.ly/2puWBxY and http://bit.ly/2pNIeS0


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