Adam Wreck #1

Adam Wreck #1 of 3 is a 40+ page, all ages, space adventure comic written and illustrated by Michael S. Bracco. Published by Alterna Comics

Adam, a young, bored space traveler complains about being lugged along on a voyage by his parents as they become the first humans to explore beyond the galaxy. Deep in space there’s not much to do. No new video games, no new television shows, nothing exciting at all…until space pirates show up! 

After a brief scuffle with the pirates Adam finds himself crashed on an alien planet and separated from his parents and their ship! Can Adam find his way back to his family? What dangers await the young castaway on the strange world he now finds himself on? And what plans do the space pirates have for his parents?! 

This is a neat adventure story with plenty of weird characters and strange landscapes. Michael does a great job of keeping the energy levels high as the story unfolds and reveals a bit of the universe never seen before! Get your copy of Adam Wreck #1 this May in print or digital! Visit Alterna Comics for more details at


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