Cornelia Cartoons #14

Cornelia Cartoons #14 is a 20-page, B&W humor comic with color covers written and illustrated by Kel M. Crum. Published by Dangerous Bird Productions

In this installment of Cornelia Cartoons Corny and friends are once again finding themselves in silly situations that thumb a nose at topical issues and more! Corny searches for her inner blues woman as she inspires a blues man that’s got nothing to be blue about! Corny’s dad explains the happy bowel evacuating ending of Peter and the Wolf! Corny also does her part to empower women and finds herself as a bystander to a social media battle with Trump! We also learn about the national role “I Voted Today” stickers play throughout the country, the inescapable spread of comic cons, the serious side of comics, and more! 

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