Lilith Dark #1 of 4

Lilith Dark #1 of 4 is a 35-page, full color, standard size fantasy comic created, written, and illustrated by Charles C. Dowd. Published by Alterna Comics

Lilith Dark is a little girl with a big imagination! She sees beasties in the shadows and vanquishes them with her mighty sword! Her big sister and brother don’t always appreciate the dangers Lilith is protecting them from. Most of the time they scold her for having an overly active imagination and making a mess, and putting others at risk of being injured. Lilith, however, suspects her sightings of beasties are real and she must hunt hem down! 

Charles does a great job of developing the title character. Lilith really takes on a life of her own in this comic and is craftily written as a believable little girl with adventure in her eyes! Charles also illustrates this story with equal skill. His characters, backgrounds, and surroundings are rendered with an abundance of ability in a polished and cartoony style that perfectly complements the youthful curiosity and heroics of Lilith Dark! 

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