Mineshaft No. 38

Mineshaft #38 https://mineshaftmagazine.com/ is a 48-page, digest size, black and white, comic zine anthology, printed in the U.S.A. on off-set press. Edited by Everett Rand. Front cover by Robert Armstrong.

Wow! What a great issue of Mineshaft! Just the thing to kick back with and relax during these unusual times.

In this issue we are treated to Obscure Comedian Portraits by Drew Friedman; Plant People pics from Aleksandar Zograf; a comic about the severed head of a Mexican outlaw by Christophe Mueller; a two-page silent comics by Fay Lovsky; some laughs with Mugg and Jape by Art Spiegelman; pics of freedom and fun from Aleksandar Zograf; pics and descriptions of vintage strong women; comics by Noah Van Sciver, Pat Moriartity, and Robert Crumb; plus much, much more!

Every issue of Mineshaft is a real treat full of an eclectic entertainment aimed right between the eyes of anyone that enjoys old-school, underground comix! You can get your copy of Mineshaft at https://mineshaftmagazine.com/