We, The Odd #1

We, The Odd #1 is a 12-page, digest size B&W comic with yellow card stock covers, written & illustrated by Delicia Williams. http://bit.ly/1FxrHma

In the last issue of We, The Odd our heroine was engaged in a routine extermination gig that took her deep into the ventilation ducts of an old building. Unfortunately for her that’s where things started getting strange and soon she was lost in what appeared to be another reality! Now in this issue we find our leading lady running from a “freak-in-a-box” and discovering a mysterious door! She attempts to explain her strange ordeal, but no one seems to believe her outrageous tale.

Delicia uses unique perspectives, inventive panel arrangements, and flowing page layouts to accentuate the action and keep the story moving at a fast pace. This all brings the reader into the main character’s world and gives the reader a sense of the desperation the character is feeling. Delicia’s line work flows right along with the action oriented composition too. She manages to capture all the necessary detail with simple and well executed line drawings and doesn’t weigh down the pages with an overabundance of minutiae, but rather supplies the reader with all the visual information needed to connect with the characters and their strange world that is We, The Odd!

You can become one of We, The Odd at http://bit.ly/1FxrHma

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1Jun5AX

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