Metonymy of Afterlife #1

Metonymy of Afterlife #1 is a 28-page, digest size B&W comic, written & illustrated by Galen Gudenkauf and Zac Finger. &

This is a continuing story that delves into questions about life and death. It also uses first-person narrative to reveal visions and feelings of anxiety to the reader. I’m jumping in at the second issue (#0 being the first), so I’m pretty sure I’m missing something, but the story from this point is quite intriguing! The narrator explains in great detail their journey through some sort of slaughter house that feeds the ruling class, to a strange encounter with a shadowy figure that leads to more death brought on by human advances and expansion. The overall story has a very dark tone to it that appears to be building to a heightened awareness of self. The art matches the detail and bleakness of the story by weighing down the panels with deep pools of black ink and abundant hatching. The characters are depicted with vacant or distant expressions that add to the somber dreamlike quality of the story.

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