Fem Static Zine #3

Fem Static Zine #3 is a 32-page, digest size zine published by Charissa Lucille 

http://bit.ly/1ddsJfi & http://on.fb.me/1IeYH8L

Fem Static is an original content, Fourth Wave feminist zine that encourages readers to open their minds to progressive ideas. This issue features pieces on Fourth Wave Feminism issues (and an introduction to Forth Wave Feminism), veganism, domestic violence, comics, art, photos, and info on local poets, art, food, and literature. It also includes an insightful interview with a woman in Portland making the transition from male to female. She explains what the process has been like so far for her and recounts some of the difficulties she has faced.

I admit I have struggled to wrap my head around the trans issue. I’m a straight, white guy that was raised in the south and spent my early adulthood in the military. Ironically enough it was through the military that my world expanded by encountering so many people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, etc. My time in uniform even lead me to discovering zines, and through zines and comics I’ve been exposed to the transgendered (and many others unlike myself). The more positive media attention the trans community receives and the more respect shown to the transgendered, the easier it will be for folks (like me) to understand. Just reading the interview in Fem Static has helped me to better appreciate what it means to be transgendered, and in my experience understanding and appreciation leads to acceptance. So thank you Fem Static Zine for helping that process along!

You can feed your brain and help your mind expand with Fem Static Zine at http://bit.ly/1ddsJfi & http://on.fb.me/1IeYH8L

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