As You Were: #2 The Pit

As You Were: #2 The Pit is an 80-page, digest size, B&W punk comix anthology. Published by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club

This anthology is all about experiences in the “Pit” at various punk shows. The range of experiences shared include: a girl that digs being in the mosh pit but is feeling the pains of being a light weight in a heavy weight world; coming of age and finding yourself through the pit; punk shows ruined by assholes in the pit snapping shots of the band with their phones; punk rock ideals brought into focus through scratched up glasses; and many other interesting events and encounters!

The art and storytelling is spread out over 25 different styles that pack this massive 80-page comic featuring the works of Adrian Chi, Andra Passen, Andy Warner, Ben Snakepit, Brad Dwyer, Brian Connolly, Corey Parkhill, Jim Ketter, Jed Collins, Jason Oberbichler, Liz Prince, Marcos Siref, Meg, Mel, Mike Funk, Mitch Clem & Nation Of Amanda, Rachel Duke, Ramsey “Everydaypants” Beyer, Rick V, Rob Cureton, Sarah Graley, Steve Larder, Will Laren and Ben Sears.

Pull your boots on, spike your Mohawk, and hop into the As You Were Pit at

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