One Last Day

One Last Day is a 12-page, full size B&W, silent comic created by Adam Yeater.

In this One Last Day outing our hero journeys deep into the dark and silent expanse of space. Surprisingly the fatal flyboy survives the blast off and even gets to hallucinate about the miracle of life as his rocket ship speeds toward its alien destination. Of course, this being a One Last Day comic, there are no happy endings read…the hero is always dead!

Adam never fails to find new and imaginative ways to kill off his accident prone character. The story glides through the pages with the anticipation of an inescapable disaster waiting to happen. The art is clean and filled with just enough detail to keep each page interesting while not weighing it down. The overall feel of the comic pulls the reader into the distant, lonely darkness of space…where our hero has gone to die!

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