Left Empty #1

Left Empty #1 http://bit.ly/1VyI9zt is a 24-page, digest size comic with color covers and B&W interior, written by Alan King and illustrated by Jamie Vayda. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

This is the autobiographical story of writer Alan King’s emotional loss of his best friend and wife of ten years. In Left Empty Alan relives his downward spiral into depression, guilt, and grief in the years following his wife’s unexpected and sudden death. Alan tells his story with few words and through moving images created by the magnificent artistry of collaborator Jamie Vayda. Jamie’s illustrations capture the loneliness and emotional collapse of Alan as his world crumbles around him.

Alan and Jamie have worked together previously on the series Loud Comix. Their collaboration then made for great graphic storytelling wrapped around insane antics somehow involving the music scene. This time around the two deliver a very different and personal story that conveys more drama through its 24, mostly silent, pages than most comics can achieve in a 100 pages packed with words.

Left Empty #1 is an indie comic with a real story to tell that will leave an impression on the reader well after the last page has been turned. Join Alan and Jamie on this very personal journey through heartache and healing at http://bit.ly/1VyI9zt

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1MTYEPb


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