A Story For Desmond

A Story For Desmond http://bit.ly/1kLHtGs is a 32-page, digest size, full color comic follow up to the Eisner-nominated Homesick by Jason Walz. Published by Tinto Press.

The story opens with one of the most terrifying things in the world, a crying baby! Soon dad is on the scene trying desperately to quiet his inconsolable son when a picture on the wall captures the child’s attention and the dad’s imagination. What follows is a story of adventure that allows a dad to impart gifts from his deceased mother onto his young son as the hero, Desmond, ventures through the jungle, into space, and beneath the surface of the ocean!

The writing is funny and touching while delivering a lesson about life. The plot is well crafted and the pacing moves along quickly with no unnecessary lulls. The art is absolutely beautiful! The cartoonish treatment given to the characters and backgrounds adds a since of levity that keeps the overall story from becoming too somber. The palette used throughout the comic is comprised mostly of earth tones. This choice lends itself well to the nocturnal setting of a parent trying to get their child to sleep.

The packaging of this comic also deserves mentioning. The high quality covers, glossy pages, and outstanding printing really gives this little indie one-shot a polished appearance that rivals the big guys!

You can join the adventure and appreciate the richness of A Story For Desmond at http://bit.ly/1kLHtGs

via Almost Normal Comics on Tumblr at http://bit.ly/1kLHtGt


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