Cats and Witches No. 1 Fall 2015

Cats and Witches No. 1 Fall 2015 is a 32-page, digest size, B&W humor comic with full color covers, written and illustrated by Charles Brubaker. Published by Smallbug Press.

In Cats and Witches No. 1 Charles takes us back to where it all began! While flying about on a broomstick, Koko and her brother Jodo run into some unexpected trouble that grounds them. After taking shelter in a rather unusual place, Koko and Jodo meet a witch named Marl! The gang quickly unite around a common cause, making it on their own! Along their way the trio (plus a pet dragon!) encounter a cursed prince, yoyos, and more!

In the “Cat” portions of this issue we’re treated to several pages of “Ask a Cat!” The Cat responds to questions about the evil of Ben Franklin, Cattitude, Why the chicken crossed the road, taxes, and many other poignant points to ponder!

Charles’ writing, as always, is witty and loaded with gags. His art is a pleasing mix of cartoony characters and humorous settings where all sorts of comical chaos take place. And I’ll add, this premier issue of Cats and Witches is a polished comic with glossy cardstock covers and trimmed interior pages! In other words, it’s higher quality than most minicomics you’re used to seeing!

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