Veritas is a 24-page, standard size, B&W comic with color covers. Created and written by Joshua Pantalleresco, with art by Craig Cermak, colors by Ramon Villabillos, and lettering by James Reddington.

A young man returns home to find his parents brutally murdered and a strange symbol scrawled on the wall. Following his horrible discovery the young man falls into a deep depression and considers ending his own life when god fails to provide the answers he seeks. While in this frail state of mind, a mysterious group of strangers take an unusual interest in the man and a series of bizarre events sets the man on a journey to confront god!

The story is a well written mystery with strong religious overtones driving the action. The art is skillfully rendered and maintains character likenesses and realistic backgrounds. Artist Craig Cermak also makes great use of heavy shadows and various perspectives to accentuate the action and overall mood.

You can explore the Veritas at and and visit the comic’s creator online at


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